Our Review Process

The 2 questions asked the most frequently about how we select our healthcare providers are:
  1. How do you select your Top Doctors / Top Dentists?
  2. Do doctors/dentists pay to be selected?
The answers are simple. We use a qualification process to select our Top Doctors/Dentists and NO, they cannot and do not pay to be approved.

The Review & Approval Process

Virginia Doctors & Dentists are typically invited to complete an application or submit their CV in order to start the process. Additionally, healthcare providers can request to apply directly. Once we receive the application and/or CV we gather additional information and preform an in depth screening process based on merit.
A doctor, dentist and/or practice would complete a qualification questionnaire for each individual they wish to be reviewed. Information about education & training, years in practice, continuing education, licensing, publications, charitable work, professional & administrative appointments and achievements are included. Once received VA Top Docs verifies each component listed to ensure the doctor/practice meets our pre-set criteria.
  • Board Certification is required if deemed by the specialty
  • “Minimum years in practice” standards used as quality of care increases with years of experience
  • Malpractice & License review to ensure no serious medical malpractice or board actions have taken place
  • Patient reviews are collected and compiled
An internal group of members whom collectively have over 50 years working within the medical field review each applicant anonymously and thoroughly and then decide whether or not to approve a provider based on merit. Once the status of a provider is determined, they are notified via postal mail, fax and email. If a provider does not qualify on “Minimum years in practice” or “Not Board Certified” alone, their application is held until they meet that requirement. Doctors & Dentists are then re-reviewed annually (12 months after approval) to ensure they continue to qualify as a “Top Doctor” or “Top Dentist". Approved providers (doctors and/or dentists) may have the title removed if they:
  • Do not qualify on the annual re-review
  • Retire or Expire
  • Have a change in practice, malpractice & or board action against them.
  • Receive negative patient feedback
  • Or a mixture of multiple factors
Only after a provider has been reviewed & approved based on merit will they be invited to participate in an assortment of opportunities available to brand them as a “Top Doctor” and/or “Top Dentist”. Among them are:
  • Use of VA Top Docs Logos (Doctor or Dentist)
  • Listed in Blog Post Announcing Approval
  • Order Plaques and other Memorabilia
  • Being Featured Online with a Full Profile
  • Take Part in other Marketing & Branding Opportunities
All approved providers will be listed in a blog post and receive our logos for their use at NO COST. While some options do have a fee associated with them, it is merely because they incur a cost. Again, doctors, dentists &/or healthcare providers DO NOT pay to be reviewed and approved, and if approved can use our logos and are listed as an approved provider in our blog at no cost. They only incur a fee if they wish to further brand their practice as a “VA Top Doctor” and/or “VA Top Dentist”
While VA Top Docs is constantly reviewing doctors, dentists & providers our directory is nowhere near complete. Just because a provider is not listed/featured online does not mean they are not a great doctor/dentist, it just means we may not have reviewed them as of yet. To screen, invite and review physicians across the state in all specialties and counties is a 6 year process. Once screened and invited to submit an application, some providers do not wish to apply while others may not wish to be featured. While the "Top Doctors" and "Top Dentists" we approve through our review process are clearly among the best in the state, there are always other great physicians & dentists that have not yet been identified by VA Top Docs. All clients are re-reviewed every 12 months in order to maintain their Top Doctor / Top Dentist status.


USA Top Docs currently reviews and approves providers in Arizona, Florida, Georgia, Illinois, Massachusetts, Michigan, North Carolina, New Jersey, New York, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Virginia, Texas and Washington. We anticipate continuing to open additional states throughout the course of 2024 & 2025.